04 February 2008

Glenn Grothman: wants the law to favor white Wisconsinites, again.

Hi folks,

Yes yes, another disingenuous headline. I know.

Here's the latest from Glenn:

An attack on affirmative action

Monday, February 4, 2008, 4:21 AM by John Colbert, WIBA

A call for a constitutional ban on affirmative action in Wisconsin. It comes from State Senator Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend), who plans to introduce an amendment similar to one approved in Michigan two years ago.

Grothman says Wisconsin has had a "brazen policy" of giving preference based on race or sex for too long. He says those preferences have resulted in white males not being hired in government jobs, not getting in to the University of Wisconsin, or getting passed over for state contracts.

Apparently, it doesn't keep them from getting elected though, eh?

I'm not a fan of affirmative action for affirmative action's sake -- but diversity in education makes the students' experience more excellent. Wisconsin kids need to be exposed to the rest of the world in their university lives. A student with a broader experience of all the cultures in the American gumbo will be a better American.

So, racial injustice aside for a moment, this kind of proposal is usually personal. I wonder which of Glenn's friends lost a government contract to a minority owned business?

And so it goes.



krshorewood said...

Why not ask Glenn if we would like to trade places with a black person?

Elysse said...

Has anyone else noticed that global companies have stopped recruiting at UW-Madison? It's because the school doesn't have enough student diversity, so its graduates are not prepared for work in a global economy. Glenn's worried about one guy... how about worrying about the potential of the thousands of UW-Madison grads?

Anonymous said...

Glenn has got the right idea. Enough of the affirmitive action, as all it does is promote corruption. It also facilitates higher priced contracts which cost all of us taxpayers more money in taxes.

Mpeterson said...

There was and is plenty of corruption without affirmative action -- and where's the corruption of trying to make sure that our universities give the kids attending them an experience of diversity more like the real world than like Wisconsin?

So you're saying that justice in America depends on your not having to pay any taxes and not on whether our government makes our lives better?

-- no, I'm pretty sure that's what you *are* saying.