23 February 2008

Glenn Grothman: at his best when it comes to beer?

Hi everyone,

How is it that Glenn and I only seem to agree when it comes to selling beer?

JS Online: Regional News Briefs: "Saukville eatery closer to getting liquor license

The state Senate's Transportation and Tourism Committee on Wednesday unanimously endorsed a bill that would allow the Saukville Village Board to issue one Class B liquor license in addition to the nine Class B licenses allowed under the village's quota.

State Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) has said he introduced the bill to help one business, Messina Two Inc., 151 Progress Drive, Saukville, get a license to serve liquor in addition to the wine and beer the restaurant serves.

The bill is designed to help just one business because political reality is such that the Tavern League of Wisconsin would not allow a broader-based bill to get passed, Grothman has said."
I'd love to hear the Tavern League's argument for limiting the number of licenses within any given area -- probably to make sure that the established businesses are able to stay in business.

It's odd, then, for Glenn to be opposed to that kind of quota since, typically, neo-conservatives vote to maintain the economic advantage of the moneyed elites and to shut out -- or squeeze out -- small business people.



Anonymous said...

Yes, Glenn is an idiot, but the reason why the Tavern League is opposed to this is because the limited licenses make each licensed tavern more valuable.

It is an artificially restricted market isolated from competition - which is pro-business for those already in business, while anti-business for those looking to get into it.

It is bad government at its finest.

krshorewood said...

I think Shrinkman is basically all about beer, and is supported by those who love it.