06 April 2008

Glenn Grothman: another Zero on conservation.

Hi everyone,

Clyde Winter has thoughtfully put together another list of voting patterns, this time on conservation.

Glenn, once again, gets the goose egg.

Why do we elect people who call themselves conservatives but who don't believe in conservation?

How Wisconsin Legislators Voted on Conservation Issues



clyde winter said...

Hard to believe that this particular state Senator is unopposed for re-election. Maybe the Party out of power here just writes off this region, and puts its limited resources where there is more grassroots interest. And many people sense that they are on their own, and direct their hearts and minds to less frustrating pursuits of happiness.

Thanks for the links to my columns. I notice a few readers of my essays occasionally link over to your blog, too.

Mpeterson said...

Thanks Clyde,

Yeah, I know.

They say that all tragedies are just badly written comedies. Our Senate district feels like that.

One of the reasons for starting this blog was simply to call attention to Glenn's shenanigans. He's never had to defend himself. He's never seemed to understand that his tax-cutting is not free -- that it costs tax payers dearly in the services they can't afford themselves (roads, infrastructure, education and, thus, economic growth) and which government, in America at any rate, is supposed to provide. He doesn't seem to understand that he votes against the economic interests of average people. He has taken his constituents hostage with single-issue handcuffs: abortion and taxation. He passes off these slogans, and himself, as moral paragons even while he denies rape victims a say in whether to get pregnant and cuts off educational opportunities -- and a brighter future -- for his own neighbors.

As you say, it's exhausting for people. What I can tell you is that, in the last national election, the 5th congressional district had the highest voter turn out in the US. That happened because a handful of people in Washington County got mad and increased our usual minority vote by nearly 8%. A handful.

Maybe this year we'll get two handfuls. Maybe, eventually, we'll even find a real American to run against Glenn.

I figure we just have to keep throwing rocks in the pond. Maybe eventually the ripples will out.