20 April 2008

Glenn Grothman: blogospheric round up for April 20th.

Hi everyone,

While I wait to hear back from Glenn (about Moraine Park Technical College hiring people with bachelor's degrees to teach courses that transfer into the UW System -- yes, really), a few items that popped up on my Google Alerts.

Playground Politics notes:

Seriously, is there anyone who has been a bigger GOP disappointment in the last decade than Glenn Grothman?
Seriously, isn't he the best example of a GOP politician we have?


Political Capital asks the $88 dollar a day question: were our state representatives hanging out in Madison on April 16th simply to collect their per diem?

And finally, The Milwaukee Blog quotes Glenn on immigration:
State Rep. Glenn Grothman, R-West Bend, said that he does not think that anything is being done either on a local or national level.

"It seems to me that the Bush administration has, for whatever reason, encouraged illegal immigration with their inactivity for the last seven years," Grothman said.
Once again, Glenn has this wrong. Massive political donations from agri-business, which wouldn't last a week in this country without illegal immigration, paid for both that inactivity and the representatives in Washington who've voted for a fence which, the AP reports, won't do the job.

Unless Glenn is willing to pay the higher price for lettuce picked by American citizens at American wages, I don't see why he's worried about illegal immigration.


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