12 October 2008

Glenn Grothman: wrong for inciting a culture war.

Hi everyone,

WISSUP advertised Glenn's talk last week... I was, unfortunately, working or I'd've been there.

The details:

Senator Glenn Grothman will be speaking at St. Andrew's Church on MondayOctober 6th at 7pm.

His topic is "It's Time to Get Off the Bench and into the Cultural Battle".

All are invited to come and hear Senator Grothman's urgent plea for help in the fight to save our liberties and Christian values.

I'm still working through the theological propriety of waging a culture war... I don't think you get to do that if you're a Christian -- and if you do, what distinguishes you from Iranian mullahs?


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jon said...

Isn't it called separation of Church and State? Oh wait, that needs not apply in Washington County