28 September 2009

Glenn Grothman: wrong on TABOR, again.

Glenn was wrong about TABOR last time -- witness the slaughter of Mary Panzer in the primary and then, despite what should have been a tsunami of mojo on this issue, simply vanished into the mist as if nothing had happened.

Article: WI state Senator Glenn Grothman drafting amendment to limit spending. | AccessMyLibrary - Promoting library advocacy:

In a shift from the rules Colorado adopted, Grothman's amendment would select the spending levels from one year and use those numbers as the baseline for all future years. Colorado's TABOR based spending levels on the previous year. Grothman said this caused an irreversible downward cycle after economic conditions caused government spending to decrease.

"It creates a situation where the fact that you have one down year permanently effects what government can spend," he said.

And the fact that eventually nearly every local municipality in Colorado had to opt out in just to keep the lights on.

Plus, it's a questionable practice to "starve the beast" when the beast is The People.


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