14 August 2010

Law schools undermining civil liberties?


WisPolitics.com: Sen. Grothman: Thanks Tea Party groups, Wisconsin Right to Life and others for defending First Amendment

In which Glenn says,

"The average citizen in my district seems much more familiar with original intent of the First Amendment than the judges on the GAB board. For too many years, law schools have been promoting the idea that the Constitution is an outdated document that should be weaseled around rather than the greatest blueprint for government in the history of man,” said Grothman.

Almost as crazy as his complaint that his Native American constituents don't mind the use of Native American mascots for sporting events.

Right, so Brother Grothman: Please name a single law school in which the Constitution is presented as an "outdated document."

If you can't, then you're a big fat liar.

If you can, then I'll help to run the place out of business.


Eric said...

Big fat liar.

I'm could not be more in disagreement with him on most everything and I think it's the most beautiful legal document ever written.

Proud Progressive said...

How can a city like West bend keep sending someone so blatantly ignorant of the issues to the Senate?

Mpeterson said...

West Bend keeps him in the Senate willfully, that's how.

proud progressive said...

So west bend doesnt care who represents them? shouldnt they want someone of average intelligence at least?