26 September 2010

$100,000 incomes common at MATC - JSOnline

Glenn finally wakes up, or something.

After hacking away at the UW System, reducing the state's contribution from 75% to 25% and shifting the costs of college on to the backs of the middle class, Glenn finally turns his attention to the tech colleges -- because people who don't go to college need to pay more for a education after high school too.

$100,000 incomes common at MATC - JSOnline

Call for change

State Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) said Saturday he wants to change that.

Grothman said he would draft legislation to allow individual technical college districts to set pay for each discipline separately

"If MATC has to pay top dollar for teachers of dental hygienists, nurses or computerized numerical fabricators, that may be fine," Grothman said. "But the idea they are paying $136,000 to teach someone to pass the GED is scandalous, and shows contempt for taxpayers and students paying tuition."

Grothman said the current system "allows people to make $90,000 a year when we could find applicants who would be grateful to do the job for $40,000 a year."

The senator's statement angered MATC faculty union President Michael Rosen, who teaches economics.

"Grothman is trying to destroy unions and the middle class," Rosen said Saturday. "Someone who is not an educator and has not spent time evaluating the college shouldn't be trying to micromanage the college when it functions well. . . . The state isn't funding technical colleges at the level that was promised" when the technical college system was started, he said.

While I am sympathetic with Mr. Rosen, Mr. Grothman's entire career has been spent in an effort to micromanage education. Welcome to the fight, MATC.


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krshorewood said...

Glenn would like to see everyone make less than $40M.

Watch Shrinkman end up on WPR at 6:00am with Joy Cardin to explain.