27 June 2011

Glenn Grothman: not competent to make laws about Sex. Again.

WUWM: News - After Budget, Lawmakers Focus on Personal Agendas


There are only a few days remaining in the current floor period, and then the full Legislature is not scheduled for another session until September. Sen. Glenn Grothman of West Bend says Republicans delivered the bulk of their promised agenda in the budget and now will have time to focus on issues they personally want to address. One item he’s looking at is the sex education curriculum in the public schools. Grothman says when Democrats were in control, they passed a law allowing some sex ed in first grade.

“Last session we mandated that school districts have sex ed at ages that I think are inappropriate. I think it would be better to mandate the districts not begin sex education until about seventh grade and require these classes to be not coed but the boys and girls separate,” Grothman says.

Grothman says he also wants to advance a bill that would cut welfare benefits for single mothers, believing the state’s generosity has led to an increase in out-of-wedlock births.


Of course. Because Glenn, as a single, childless, lawyer living in Madison is the one best suited to decide how to teach responsible sex education.

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Dave said...

Single, childless, living alone in Madison. Grothman is the perfect example of the angry wierdo we all knew in highschool. And look what he has turned out to be: A bought and paid-for bigoted corporate repug hack.

A sad "man" indeed, Grothman's exemplifies one of the pathways to becoming a republican:

1. Icky, hateful, or otherwise toxic parent(s);
2. Ostracized in school because of bizarre personality traits;
3. Reactionary anger at those he sees as competing with him;
4. Newfound acceptance by others with similar pathologies (e.g. republicans);
5. Anger-fed energy focused on getting his enemies back for all the things they did to poor Glennie;
6. Short-lived power position and media platform to pontificate from and to reinforce self-delusion that people actually like him;
7. Return to minority status in legislature and resulting growth of his sickest and most off-putting personality flaws;
8. Sadly sitting alone at home contemplating the ever-expanding list of those who have slighted him.
9. Ignominious deterioration into incoherence.....