18 June 2011

Glenn Grothman: wrong for dishing out misinformation on Fox

Fox Continues To Misinform About WI Anti-Union Legislation | Media Matters for America

Wrong on two counts:

1) Glenn could only make statements like "there's no question the ruling [Supreme Court ruling regarding whether the legislature had violated its own rules] was right" if he hadn't actually read the ruling.

2) The Repair bill did not require public workers to "pay more toward their health insurance and pensions." That's a clever mis-characterization. The bill is simply a cut to our deferred compensation. It's a pay cut, put in place to pay for tax breaks for those currently in control of the Republican Party. But hearing that state workers were getting an 8.6% pay cut would have generated some sympathy. Instead, they trotted out a clever slogan: "Make those slackers pay their fair share." That generated hostility toward public employees and, therefore, a more politically useful and effective inertia.

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Anonymous said...

Glenn Grothman is no small-government conservative. He said today that the legislature should have power over UW Hospital in Madison. Government control of health care? I thought Glenn opposed that...