16 August 2011

Glenn Grothman on Sly in the Morning: I HAVE THE POWER

Right.... Have a listen. But I was weirded out by this bit of text on Sly's homepage.

Sly In The Morning: Senator Glenn Grothman (R-D20): I HAVE THE POWER

Glenn is always energetic about his job, but now that the moderate Republican representing several counties in southeast/central Wisconsin, he will be scrutinized on every divisive vote under these conditions of balance. While not really a true swing vote, his claim is that he is one of the most moderate Republicans in the legislature. The truth is, that he will listen to opposition but is unlikely to pay much attention. Alas, he's still on the Walkertrain for collective bargaining and the policies regarding teacher performance-vs-tenure, and wants to see large corporations . And just plain goofy.

Um, seriously?? "the moderate Republican"???

The Republican whose sole claim to fame is that he's relentlessly FURTHEST to the right?

So, upside down Sly is.

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