11 September 2011

Glenn Grothman: continuing the McCarthy Legacy with pride.

A reminder of why Glenn needs to speak more often in public. Note to friends in distant places who wonder why the Senator remains a person of interest: this is what Conservative America looks like in our part of Wisconsin.  Senator McCarthy is somewhere in Hell -- my guess, Malebolge, circle 8 -- getting a little momentary satisfaction that his legacy did not die with him.

Senator Glenn Grothman - YouTube


morninmist said...

Grothmann has a slob mind. It is in the gutter.

Dave said...

At least we can take comfort in the fact that Mr. Grothman is a genetic dead-end. No kids and no prospect for fatherhood any time soon, the "Wing-nut from West Bend" represents one of the benefits of evolution.....

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Greatest speech ever!

This is why Glenn Grothman is the best State Senator in WI!

Irresponsible behavior, irresponsible choices, get paid by government!

I'm jazzed by that speech. I'm sending Glenn another campaign donation!

(Glenn was probably too kind to Marxists, and the advocacy of Marxists to destroy the family...but nobody is perfect!)