22 March 2012

Glenn Grothman: Get married, or else.

Even Jim Hightower's noticed little ol' us.

The Hightower Report: Let's Get Married - News - The Austin Chronicle

Attention, ladies: Big news on the state legislative front. Republican lawmakers in Arizona and Wisconsin want to help you improve your lives. Or else.
Wisconsin Sen. Glenn Grothman wants to give single moms an incentive to get married. Actually, it's a rather negative incentive; his bill declares that being an unmarried mother constitutes "child abuse and neglect." Interestingly, Glenn has never been married nor raised any children. But he says his bill is necessary to counter those diabolical liberals who "want children born out of wedlock because they are far more likely to be dependent on the government." Thanks for that insight, Glenn.


KitKat said...

I'd love to share my joke of a response I got from the Grothman office when I wrote about the 'Single Parent = Abuse' bill...can I send it to you to post?

Mpeterson said...

Hi Kat! Yeah, I'd love to. I'm pretty sure Glenn wants as many people as possible to know how much he appreciates and understands women.

cgbf said...

Are you kidding me???Go after the parent that is not paying child support!

Donia said...

I truly think Glenn Grothmann is the result of a botched late-term abortion.