03 March 2012

Glenn Grothman: once again making Wisconsin look backwards in the national spotlight.

He's been here before. Maybe he missed the spot light.

Wisconsin GOP Leader Proposes Legislation To Blame Single Parents For Child Abuse And Neglect - Forbes
Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman, the Assistant Majority Leader and a close ally of GOP Governor Scott Walker in the effort to destroy collective bargaining in the Badger State, is taking crazy to new levels.

Grothman has introduced a bill that would require the State of Wisconsin to officially deem single parenthood to be a “contributor” to child abuse and neglect and to put the same into statutory laws of the state.

Seriously…no kidding…really.


To be fair, data reveals that there are more incidents of child abuse in households with only one parent than in households with two parents. But the data does not indicate that this factor is somehow more responsible for child abuse than the other factors listed above so, again, why single this factor out to include in the state’s statutes and not the others?

Welcome to what's become of Wisconsin.


Anonymous said...

This Senator is a nut. What does this prove. We need to get you out of the senate in Wisconsin

Anonymous said...

Ok I really hope that the senatorsees this comment. I do not live in WI anymore and becasue of this bill? I am really glad I moved. I am a single mother of 3 girls. 22,19 and 6. 2different fathers. Now when I was a child, did I dream"One day I will be a single divorced mother of 3?"No I did not. This man sounds like he would rather people stay in unhappy or in some cases( Not like mine) dangerous relationships.Rather than be apart and be happy and coparent our children.I can tell you, I have a full time job. My kids are in school and working part time jobs. And my youngest is in private school and is in girl scouts and ice skating. All are A-B students. I make it a point to let them know at every opportunity to let them know that I love them and to be safe. I go to every schoolconference. I am not on any welfare programs. I do not smoke,drink,do drugs,gamble or have credit card debt. My older 2 fight sometimes like sisters do. About clothes and goofy things.We have a cat and a fish. We live in a nice house in a nice area. We have heat,electricity and cable and internet.There is food in my house. So how can you sir? A man that has no children atall? Judge a singelpaent without walking a mile in our shoes?TO say your bill is idiotic is being nice.I can only hope that the people of WI open their eyes and come election time you and your bill are laughed right out of the House. And the people that are pictured with you on your website? Rethink taking future ones. Good day sir.

Anonymous said...

on Dr Drew he said single MOTHERS not single parents should be declared the risk, and dismissed single fathers as a risk .. because the real father's of a child would be loving and not abusive ..

Jane said...

Unbelievable! What an arse. I noticed your petition to recall him last year! Will you try again? He is outrageous!

Krisken said...

Glenn doubled down and took things a step further in his conspiracy theory involving women and pregnancies-


Anonymous said...

Sen.Grothman has found an easy distraction & target. It seems to be the political leaders busy themselves with unfounded issues.There entiriely more troubling issues in wisconsin that need attention.