16 April 2012

Glenn Grothman: called out for failing to understand that women have equal rights.

I imagine we could sell this on PPV....  surely commodifying it would make the GOP true believers happy, right?

You know, surely his mother would have explained all of this to him, right?

Rep. Roys challenges Sen. Grothman to debate about women's rights | Dane101

A state assemblywoman is calling out a state senator over a series of recent remarks made by the latter regarding women's rights and their roles in society.

Rep. Kelda Roys (D-Madison) sent a letter to Sen. Grothman (R-West Bend) challenging him to a 60-minute debate on those topics.

"A debate would provide you the perfect opportunity to expound on some of your more surprising comments about women," wrote Roys, "including your apparent belief that money may be more important for men than women. I believe your views are woefully out of touch with the needs and concerns of women and our families, and I am confident that a public and open airing of these views is the most effective way to educate the public."


Krisken said...

The problem with debates recently is people are able to say anything they want and it never gets fact checked. The audience is left with half-truths and outright lies with no idea that the nonsense being spewed at them is just that.

Instead the audience is left with useless witicisms and barbs to judge who 'won' the debate. Democrats are still trying to use reason to appeal to an audience with the attention span of Michael Bay fans.

WoobieTuesday said...

so, i'm not from wisconsin but i have been watching Grothman of late. does he REALLY live in his mother's basement?? (i'm totally serious about this question, btw)

thanks for shedding whatever light that you can on this inquiry!

WoobieTuesday said...

Sir, i really need to know whether Grothman lives with his mother! is this hyperbole? you seem to be th only one who may know the answer.

Mpeterson said...

He does not live in his mother's basement... ;^) And we've tried to avoid posting anything gossipy about Glenn since -- well, since telling the truth about him, without elaboration, is already weird and frightening enough.