07 April 2012

Glenn Grothman: wage discrimination against women doesn't really happen?

So we really do have to assume that Glenn believes what he says.  More's the pity.

Walker signs bevy of bills into law - JSOnline

Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend), who sponsored the measure, said it puts Wisconsin in line with neighboring states.
"The old law made Wisconsin not competitive from a business perspective," he said. "To give $300,000 in punitive damages when the actual damages might be four or five thousand dollars causes Wisconsin business to pay out additional money to deal with frivolous claims."

Have you noticed that no one has said anything about non-frivolous claims? Conveniently, this gets rid of those too... but, don't worry, those non-frivolous claims are only brought by women so, like, who cares, eh?

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