17 July 2008

Glenn Grothman: finally running against an opponent.

Hi everybody,

You may not have seen it by now, considering the lousy job the Journal did on important local, state elections, but Glenn will [finally] have to run against an opponent this year for his seat in government.

Independent Clyde Winter from Cedarburg is finally offering Senate District 20 voters a choice for a change.

Clyde is a wizard on the issues, thorough, and thoughtful. He's the kind of person who's avoided the party labels so that he can talk about the actual issues -- because he's interested in the issues and not in the labels.

Refreshing, no?

He was able to get the required signatures in record time and in the heart of Glenn's district. People were clearly ready for a change.

His latest article "Races for Wisconsin Legislature in Ozaukee-Washington counties confound the MSM" did have one bit of info I hadn't seen.

"And G. Grothman, on July 2 had applied for a grant for taxpayer provided matching funds, in apparent anticipation of a challenge"
Apparently that taxpayers money is just fine with Glenn, when he gets to spend it on himself. -- well, it was also okay when the taxpayer paid for 75% of his university tuition.



jon said...

"Apparently that taxpayers money is just fine with Glenn, when he gets to spend it on himself. -- well, it was also okay when the taxpayer paid for 75% of his university tuition."

He's not the only one...it seems to be that some conservatives like spending taxpayers money when it's convenient for them. Eg,PaddyMac is against light rail and other mass transportation..."think of the taxpayers!!!" But when it comes to roundabouts, oh no, we need those! Why, BECAUSE I'M PADDYMAC!

Mpeterson said...

Ah Paddy Mac indeed. For more:


jon said...

Thanks MP. Whallah! also writes about him when he says something stupid. Which is quite often...

clyde "Hearts and Minds" said...

Why is it that certain social commentators cannot forbear from focusing attention on, and even gratuitously changing the subject to, those who "say something stupid", while studiously ignoring those providing an insight and an opportunity for positive change? Is it a death wish?

Is it not obvious that lavishing flimsy attacks on those minions who are impeding and distracting us from progress, while ignoring and diverting attention from those who are laboring effectively for it, is counterproductive?

Everybody knows those contemptible infamous names. They've long been household words. Why continue to buttress and maintain their status? It makes more sense to ignore them (especially if you're not capable of destroying them).

Analyze, critique, and talk about a trend that's promising for a change. Or take your wimp wine and limp cheese, celebrate the social register, and suffer politics and history to survive without you.

clyde "Hearts and Minds" said...

After my previous comment posted to this blog, I should have added a P.S. thanking M.Peterson and "Grothman Watch" for his item about the uphill Independent race here to increase political awareness, and make badly needed changes in the state legislature.

The mass media coverage so far has been abysmal (what else is new?), and I don't think any blog other than my "Hearts and Minds" has pointed out the remarkable fact of historical significance that SIX of the state legislature districts included at least partially within Ozaukee and Washington counties will be contested in the general election this November. That hasn't happened in generations. Possibly not since the 1930's (altho I have not done the research to verify that).

How and why is that happening? Perhaps it's the tide of history is at long last turning.

"Grothman Watch" is one of only two blogs (to my knowledge) that even mentioned the grassroots challenge effort here in Ozaukee and Washington counties. Thanks for that recognition.