30 July 2008

Glenn Grothman: wrong on abortion and conservatism at the same time.

Hi everybody,

Glenn, somehow, was included in a Journal-Sentinel Blog on the Senate race between Alberta Darling and Dr. Sheldon Wasserman. Dr. Wasserman, an Ob/Gyn, is a great believer in individual rights. Alberta Darling, once a member of Planned Parenthood, apparently used to be -- but no more. Here's a clip:

Pro-life nod goes to ex-Planned Parenthood official - Dogged: A Watchdog Team Blog: "Barbara Lyons, head of Right to Life, said her group has not previously backed Darling, a River Hills Republican, during her 18 years in office. Lyons noted that Darling had voted with the organization 77% of the time in the past four years, whereas Wasserman, a Milwaukee Democrat, had a 0% rating.

Asked to describe Darling’s abortion stance, Lyons said, “She’s more pro-life than not.”

So what changed?

Darling didn’t return a call. Her campaign Web site doesn’t mention the endorsement.

But Sen. Glenn Grothman, the go-to guy for abortion rights foes, had a theory.

“As we get older, we get more conservative,” the West Bend Republican said. “I think that’s happened to Alberta.”"

A few observations;

1) Wisconsin Pro-Life isn't really pro-life -- they're only pro-birth.

2) "What changed" was that Wisconsin Pro-Life is more afraid of a physician than they are of Alberta Darling -- and Ms. Darling has an urgent need to be elected as a Republican.

3) Glenn, as usual, has it backwards. He's clearly missed the 'continued personal growth' aspect of "getting older". You only become 'more conservative' while getting older when you begin to turn into a fossil. Fossilization of human beings happens when once-living material is replaced by the stony deposits of dogma and empty ritual. If you continue to 'grow' while aging, you become more inclined toward helping others, taking the risk of being liberal with your own good fortune, and leaving people to live as they think best instead of imposing your own morality. Imposing your own morality is a sure sign of fossilization, not growth. What we do know is that Glenn became a fossil while still living on the taxpayer's dime at University... as a young man. That's when it usually happens to people too, not later in life. Not if they're still living flesh. I know Glenn probably didn't see the movie Happy Feet, but it might help him learn to dance and shake off some of the mineral build-up that's induced him to vote for his own dogmatic certainty instead of for people. QED.

Oh, and 4) it's not a theory, it's merely some kind of gastric distress.



Anonymous said...

There is no group called "Wisconsin Pro-Life." The blog was referring to Wisconsin Right to Life...one of the most effective political organizations of any kind in the state. And you don't have to agree with the issues they advocate for to know that. Once more, that's Wisconsin Right to Life. Got it?

Mpeterson said...

Quite right. "Wisconsin Right to Life" -- something I knew full well but goofed on. I was typing with my toes this afternoon.

Their website is: http://www.wrtl.org/

Many thanks to my anonymous editor.

That makes for an even more useful correction:

1) Wisconsin Right to Life is not in favor of a right to life -- but merely a right to birth.

Incidentally, I don't have to get their name right to recognize when someone's ethical model is inherently contradictory and being used for political, rather than moral, ends.

mht said...

“As we get older, we get more conservative,”

Also, as we get older we get a little more "self-absorbed" in what we are doing which borders on rudeness - case-in-point:

In March our family attended a fundraiser for Friends of Abused Families at the Clairmont Inn - it was a pasta buffet, and everyone was going the same direction down the line (there was a certain underlying logic - the end with the plates & silverware is where you start.) Well, that doesn't mean anything to "GG" when he makes a beeline for 2nds (or it could have been 3rds - I envy those petite types who can each as much as they want and not gain an ounce) - just horn right in there, "GG", you are the man!. Glad my child wasn't in line with me at the time - I'm sure she would have gotten shoved out of the way (envision the Seinfeld episode, the scene where George climbs escapes the fire at the children's birthday party). Nothing comes between "GG" and a buffet, that's for sure.