31 December 2009

Glenn Grothman: wrong for trying to take away local control of Madison's snow policy

The conceptual dissonance must be deafening.

State rep from West Bend wants state to set Madison's snow policy



Kevin Scheunemann said...


Isn't this Madison snow plow issue another reason for you to support Glen?

1.) He's centralizing government power with this proposal...I know you really like centralizing government power when it comes to education, why not snow plowing?

2.) He's keeping the Madison anti-car religion (aka the global warming cult) in check. I always took you for someone who appreciates a politician opposing religion.

This is just yet another reason for you to send Glen a campaign check.

Mpeterson said...

Grin, I would if I believed he actually meant any of it. I suspect this is more of an example of his personal convictions being pushed aside by some snowy inconvenience last week... I wonder what it would take for him to come around on choice for women?