12 December 2009

Glenn Grothman: still wrong for denying real sex education.

When fear replaces clear headedness, you get this: religious groups that don't believe in evolution attempting to foist a half-baked health policy on the rest of us.

Message from Sen. Grothman concerning SEX ED bill

It is vital for all sincere Christians to call their State Senators at this time and tell them to vote against Senate Bill 324/Assembly Bill 458. It would also be a good idea to call your State Representative and find out how they voted. If they voted for AB 458, ask them to publicly renounce their vote.

Glenn has been politically correct [for his species] and scientifically wrong on this topic for years now [check here, here, here, and here]. What we can be sure of, should this bit of revanchist puritanism pass is, ironically, an increase in unwanted teenage pregnancies and, thus, an increase in the number of abortions.

We can also rely on an increase in the rates of sexual transmitted diseases among young people who, unable to practice sex responsibly, will resort to the kind of irresponsible sexual activity that characterizes anyone in the throes of the dangerous, but traditional, hormone rush of adolescence.

I don't know what kind of Christian wants to increase the misery of people, but apparently those are the people to whom Glenn is addressing his advertising here.

And I wish he'd quit it.

As I said nearly a year ago: For more info on our, terrifying, third-world levels of teenage pregnancy, follow the link to the Guttmacher Institute.



Anonymous said...

Not every teenage pregnancy results in sick moms who never recover emotionally.

Diane Garnick is a great example of a teenage mother who kept her child and turned her life around.

Just because we're teenage moms, don't count us out. We'll live until we're 100 and will spend between the ages of 40 and100 as adults with grown kids!


kevin scheunemann said...


So who is a better role model for kids:

Glen Grothman or Tiger Woods?

Mpeterson said...

Are those my only choices?

Kevin Scheunemann said...

If you want to play into my carefully planned "mud pie".

Your choice.

If you want, here's an alternate:
Who's the better role model; Glen Grothman or Bill Clinton?

Anonymous said...

If I have to pick between Glen Grothman, Tiger Woods or Bill Clinton as a role model for my kids, I'll pick Diane Garnick each time.

Mpeterson said...

She is inspiring, but then I'm afraid I'd have as hard a time mentioning "role model" and "derivatives" in the same sentence as I would "moral character" and "Monica Lewinsky".