01 June 2009

Medicaid Program Provides Free Condoms - WGBA -

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Could it be true that Mr. Grothman expects teenagers won't want sex unless provoked by the presence of condoms?


History has demonstrated rather clearly that biology alone is a sufficient to make teenagers want sex, even without condoms... -- which is what the skyrocketing rates of STDs prove.

Medicaid Program Provides Free Condoms - WGBA -:

"Teenage boys from low-income families could soon get free condoms. It's all part of an extension of the current Family Planning Waiver Program supported by Medicaid. The program currently provides healthcare services and birth control to low income women. Now the state is hoping to add males 15 to 44 . But not all legislators support it. Senator Glenn Grothman says, 'It really sends the message that not that sexual activity is wrong, that sexual activity is to be expected. That's the message you are sending with this program.'
But Planned Parenthood says they're not handing out condoms they're providing good healthcare for those who otherwise go without.
'Infection rates in this state are skyrocketing. These are the facts, that Senator Grothman ignores. This is a health care crisis,' says Rachel Safar with Planned Parenthood.
The Department of Health Services says by expanding this program to males it is expected to avert 373 Medicaid-funded births and save the State $2.05 million. That figure is based upon Medicaid paying about $5, 501 per birth."


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