30 June 2009

Glenn Grothman: playing the victim card to cover incompetence?

Hi everyone,

CFACT, a campus group at UW Madison that claims global warming isn't an issue and urges free market solutions to... well, apparently everything... lost it's funding because they failed to file the proper paperwork.

Stuff like that happens on college campuses, especially when you have politically active groups with a fairly regular changeover in membership -- as college groups do. The Badger Herald reports that UW Mad had been funding them for over $1o0k a year (which seems insanely high for student group funding, frankly), but if that's the norm at Madison, so be it.

For the record, student groups like this have an absolute right to the same funding as any other group on campus -- the Regents believe this and so, surely, must Biddy Martin.

The group's funding was pulled because they failed to follow proper funding protocols but notice how they immediately play the victim card to cover their mistake.

Glenn, as always, felt compelled to play the political/ideological victim card, too.

The Badger Herald: News: UPDATED: CFACT may sue UW if its funding isn’t restored

State Sen. Glenn Grothman, R-West Bend, was one of nine state legislators to ask the chancellor to reconsider.

“Without CFACT on campus, discussions about environmental and social issues will be completely one-sided,” they wrote in May. “The diversity that CFACT adds to these issues is invaluable to the UW campus and should be maintained.”

In response, Martin reiterated that she had no authority to intercede if the funding was denied because of a procedural issue.

Grothman wasn’t convinced. On Monday, he said he believed the issue revolved around CFACT’s unpopular message.

“We have a huge problem in society,” he said. “Too many of our universities hate any diversity of viewpoint other than that of the hard left. It’s appalling.”

The big miss here, of course, is that it isn't hatred that makes being a crazy rightwinger difficult on college campuses: it's reason wot makes it difficult.


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