05 June 2009

Glenn Grothman: jailing drunk drivers too expensive.

Hi everyone,

So apparently it's cheaper for the counties to let people die than to jail drunk drivers?

Fighting at the Capitol Over DUI Laws | Newsradio 620

Supporters of tougher drunk driving laws are losing hope, especially after Thursday's Senate hearing.

The stories are filled with tears and pictures. Victims of drunk drivers want tougher laws.


Then the Wisconsin Counties' Association argued that tougher laws could be too expensive.

"The cost to county jails under this bill would be a minimum $2-million," says the group's Sarah Diedrick-Kasdorf.

The hearing is on a proposal to make some repeat drunk drivers felons and make special breath test car locks an option for some drunk drivers.

But victims' families want more. For one, they want a first drunk driving offense to be a crime.

Senators aren't on board.

"I'm not sure the legislature wants to put people in jail immediately," says Republican Glenn Grothman of West Bend.

Maybe only after their first kill? That would save us money.


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