10 June 2009

Glenn Grothman: fighting against equal pay for women.

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On and on. Thanks to Cory for finding this:

Eye on Wisconsin: Equal Pay Brings Out Inferior Spin

[an excerpt]

Who could possibly be against the idea of more aggressively fighting pay discrimination? Well apparently Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) is and he can't wait to tell us how "outraged" he is about it. Why am I not surprised that the same guy that fought the Martin Luther King holiday years after the right wing gave up on the issue, is also leading the charge against stronger pay discrimination laws?

Amidst his wailing over the issue, he does a lot of complaining about the punitive damages that are possible under the law. In his press release he says, "Senate Bill 20 can give up to $300,000 in punitive damages to people who claim they were discriminated against." (emphasis mine) That is not correct, he is being deceptive and he knows it. It can give up to $300,000 to people that have already gone through several layers of fact finding and legal proceedings and have already PROVEN that they were discriminated against. Grothman deceptively tries to make it sound like just anyone that files a claim can get in line for 300k, which simply has no basis in reality. So apparently Glenn Grothman is mad because we are exposing employers that have already been proven to have discriminated to a possible $300,000 in punitive damages. Cry me a river Glenn. He then goes on to undercut his own argument by admitting that the vast majority of claims don't ever go nearly far enough to even think about punitive damages.

Besides, women don't really want to earn more than about 70 cents on the dollar.

Yeah, I'm kidding -- but Glenn sure isn't.



SheboyganSpirit said...

Doesn't surprise me that Winnie the Pooh is one of your favorite books. You certainly do spin a childish tale well...

Mpeterson said...

Grin. Do you actually find Winnie the Pooh to be childish? Or just my cathartic summaries of Glenn's latest follies? I hope it's the latter.

Tim said...

70 cents on the dollar? Are you really that stupid, or are you just trying to propogate lies? Take this test: Go to a construction site. How many men do you see, moving bricks in the middle of winter? How many women? How much do you think they make? Maybe $20-$25 an hour? I will assure you it will be nearly 100% men.
Now go to a day care center. I can assure you they will be 100% women. How much do they make? $8 an hour?
Do those men at the construction site want to change diapers for $8 an hour? Of course not, they have a family to feed.
Do the women at the day care center want to haul around 40 lb. concrete blocks on a construction site in the middle of winter? Of course not, they would rather care for children.
Nothing wrong with either of those things. What is wrong is someone drawing conclusions based on those pay levels and claiming some injustice.
Get a clue.