02 January 2010

Glenn Grothman: nanny state snow removal plan generates lots of attention

Glenn's been very popular this week around the Cheddarsphere.

In no particular order:

T Wall’s distortions and Grothman’s hypocrisy

Republican State Sen. Grothman on Combating 15" of Snow: "Madison officials are endangering citizens access to their state government."

Ironically challenged Republicans

Even Widgerson notes the obvious: Let’s give the state senate some shovels instead

This note from Live Journal

And: Grothman vs. Madison

And, of course:

Paul Soglin: Glenn Grothman Comes to Snowball Fight Unarmed and Defenseless

The Political Environment: Glenn Grothman Hissy Fit: Bring On The Nanny State

And so on.



Kevin Scheunemann said...

I have to admit...

I like Widgerson's idea of tax revenue draining hippies being stuck in the snow, unble to spend other people's money.

Madison paralyzed, unable to shake down the rest of us...Hmmmmm

Mark, I'm with you on defending Madison's snow plowing incompetence!

Maybe Glen is wrong about this. An inoperable Madison is an exciting propsect.

Mpeterson said...

Don't dodge the irony, it's sweet.

Glenn's problem wasn't 'tax revenue draining snow bound hippies', but that the "hippies" in Madison were *not* a) snowbound (because they were walking to work, itself an iffy moral choice) and b) were *not* using tax revenue (which it would take to plow up to Glenn's standards of proper snow removal).