11 January 2010

Feingold quells the mob.

From illusory tenant:

Feingold quells the mob.

Those pesky facts are just so, so pesky.


Anonymous said...

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Joan Stepsen
Wise geek

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Russ is getting beat up all over on health care.

People are against national health care when you tell them they have to flip the bill throw a tax on health benefits!

The truth always hurts the tax and spend leftist agenda.

Mpeterson said...

Russ is enunciating the national consensus on health care. You're just tossing ideology around like silly string.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

So calling people not in favor of the inefficient government takeover of health care the "mob" and "teabaggers" is not "tossing ideology around like silly string?"

Are you willing to plead guilty to your "silliness" as well?

Mpeterson said...

Since private health care costs more per person than government run health care, the Tea Drinking Lobby is lobbying for less efficiency. What should I call people who don't know this?

Kevin Scheunemann said...


You miss the global issue.

We have the most ADVANCED health care in the world.

Nearly every medical advance is from this country!

Even if your fact about cost is correct (which I'm not willing to concede), you do not weigh in the human cost of rationing and people dying waiting in lines for health care, aka England.

In some cases we have 100% cure rates for certian types of cancer and in England the same cancer is 70-75% cure rate...difference? Long lines, rationing, and shortages.

So again, using the term "mob" and "teabagger" is not ideological "silly string" on your part?

I can borrow you a ladder to get down off the high horse you seem to be riding on.

Rich Kasten said...

"Russ is enunciating the national consensus on health care."

Mark, you are much smarter than that. While people want reform, they do not want government controlled health care which is what Russ is "enunciating".