29 January 2010

Glenn Grothman: wrong for promoting sexual ignorance and bias against homosexuals.

Oh good grief.

Senate Education Comm. Republicans promote ignorance in Healthy Youth Act amendments

The Healthy Youth Act is on track for passage by the state Senate, thankfully without amendments offered by Sen. Glenn Grothman and his Republican cronies. Grothman has so many bad ideas an entire blog is devoted to following them.

The most offensive of Grothman’s amendments would allow a school to use instructional methods and materials that promote bias against pupils based on sexual orientation. If being a gay teenager was not difficult enough, Grothman wants to institutionalize discrimination in the classroom. Not only against gay students, but sexually active students as well. The benefits of abstinence are required teaching under the Healthy Youth Act but Grothman appears to prefer sexually active students branded with a modern-day scarlet letter.


stockbt04 said...

this guy is a fucking moron.

Joel said...

This Grothman guy just crawled out of what century?? It's sad that this level of bigotry is still so open. What is West Bend thinking with having this guy represent them???

Mpeterson said...

That, sir, continues to astonish me -- and I've been here nearly 20 years.