16 February 2010

Glenn Grothman: "there were no gays when I was young." Uh, right.

Some more fallout from around the web on Glenn's recent pronouncements:

GSA for Safe Schools Responds to Senator Grothman

and on the Don't Ask legislation.

The presumption must be that all of this nonsense will shore up Glenn's voter base in some way: what does this tell us about his base that doesn't include the words xenophobic, homophobic, and puritanical?



Kevin Scheunemann said...


Tough luck on Conoco Phillips, BP, and Caterpillar pulling out of the warming religion today.

Looks like Glenn was right on global warming after all!

Will you be denouncing these 3 companies, who were once faithful disciples of the global warming religion, and now have sinned against the faith...


Will you forgive these 3 sinners, even though they plan to keep on sinning against the global warming religion in the future....(or will you just leave them alone to live their life and don't treat or give these companies any special rights)

I will be very, very fascinated which reaction will occur among global warming religious zealots.

How about you?

(My guess is leftist scorn and rage. Perhaps leftist religious bigotry on a level we have never seen before.)

Mpeterson said...

So, you're saying you think there *were* gays around when Glenn was young?

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Not saying that at all.

Just curious to the leftist warming religious reaction to Conoco Phillips, BP, and Caterpillar's new, pro-carbon, lifestyle choice.

(And remember, when it comes to being pro-carbon, we were born that way.)

Will there be scorn and bigotry against these warming disciple sinners, or forgiveness and tolerance?

Better yet, will we actively teach the pro-carbon lifestyle in schools? Or suppress it for the anti-carbon religion?

Mpeterson said...

So, I guess the denial here suggests that you're pretty deep in the closet too? :^)

It's okay. I knew.

Anonymous said...

Kevin- You are quite poetic with your words, but I have no clue what you are saying.

I think that is a HUGE problem in todays society. We should all try to speak the same language, get back to basics, not try to dazzle everyone with our words, but say what we mean.

Religion means many different things to many different people.
Why try to mix that into what you are trying to say?

Kevin Scheunemann said...


This is a switch. Its slightly refreshing to see a lack of contempt for my argument. Ambrose Bierce once said, "Contempt is the emotion we feel against someone who's arguments are too formidable to refute."

I'm using a liberal language I like to call "scorn and oppression of all things religious".

Almost everything advocated by the liberal faith has a religious cosmology to it---especially global warming.

The radical global warming religion is a threat to our economy, our liberties, our freedom, and our vary way of life.

The global warming religion deserves to be scorned out of the public square, like what leftists are trying to do to Christianity.

I find it an excellent way to get the religious oppressors of the left to think about their censoring behavior when it comes to religion. (because global warming is their favored religion these days, even though very few will admit it!)