10 February 2010

Glenn Grothman: wrong on sex ed AND algebra.

More fretting from Glenn about the new sex ed law that finally puts facts ahead of fears.

Will school districts drop sex ed rather than comply with state law?

One of the bill’s most vocal opponents, Glenn Grothman, R-West Bend, is especially scornful of the bill’s requirement that there be no “bias” based on a student’s sexual orientation, a protection he attempted to remove from the bill with an amendment that failed to get enough votes to pass. Grothman explains that he believes the topic should not be discussed at all in schools. “Would you want your daughter’s teacher in 7th grade talking with her about homosexuality?” he asks. “They should be talking about Algebra.”

Good sex ed is still good sex ed... but he's damned right about teaching 7th graders algebra. But if he believes this he should get on the stick and fix the budgeting problem that has, for decades now, penalized West Bend schools by keeping out state funding low -- assuming anyone in the legislature, besides Leah Vukmir, will even talk to him anymore.

Maybe we need a state Senator who can play well with others.

Glenn, please run against Feingold.



Kevin Scheunemann said...


Maybe you should concentrate on something more juicy...Democrats having sex with the payday loan lobbyist.

While trying to pass payday loan legislation!

Legislative ethics seem to be the educational problem in Madison.

Mpeterson said...

I suspect there are other reasons why Glenn doesn't get along with his colleagues well enough to get us some relief for the schools...

But, otherwise, we agree. :)