04 February 2010

Glenn Grothman: wrong for thinking Wisconsin is not that hot.

Glenn doesn't believe in global warming because it's colder in West Bend this year.

Wis. senator calls for disbanding state's Clean Energy Committee

Wisconsin state Senator Glenn Grothman says he's not convinced climate change is happening in our state. Representing West Bend, he serves on the state's Clean Energy Committee. He says the committee should disband and stop pursuing alternative energy options for the state.

"The whole reason we're spending this additional money is because we're supposed to be fighting global warming," says Sen. Grothman during a phone interview. "Well, if we have two years where temperatures in Wisconsin are below average, why are we doing it?"


Kevin Scheunemann said...


Did you see my natural gas bills this winter? Outrageous!

I want to know where all this alleged warming is, and how I can get my hands on more of it!

I'm still convinced you work for the Natural gas lobby with all this talk of wanting to make it colder.

Burrrrrrrrrrrr! Its cold outside.

Let me get this straight...you want to make it colder so I have to consume more natural gas in the winter? Sounds pretty anti-environmental to me.

The shiver of big government Madison liberalism destroying the WI busines climate with their global warming religious arrogance distubs me greatly.

Why aren't you in favor of disbanding a committee openly practicing and endorsing the warming religion in the public square?

Have you stopped trying to pound every last vestige of religion out of government....or just the religions you dislike?

Mpeterson said...

You know, we took the massive government insulation subsidy a few years ago and cut our heating bills nearly in half, so, like pour on the snow. I love winter and will continue to do so, while we still have one in North America.

Why don't you.... oh, of course. You make sure never to take any money from the government, so you probably wouldn't have insulated your house. ... and why should you? Insulation is for liberals.

Hey, how do my tax dollars subsidize your Dairy Queen?

Kevin Scheunemann said...


So where can I get my "free" government insulation?

...While we still have a winter in North America?

Are you kidding me? That makes you sound like a radical zealot of the global warming religion.

Even the most radical global warming scientist whoring themselves out for taxpayer funding to study the manufactured crisis, by creative interpetation of the "data", is NOT warning for the end of winter in North America.

Your religious zealotry on global warming issue makes even the most devout and passionate evangelical Christians seem uninspired.

I didn't know your devotion rose to this level.

Wait a minute...what happens to your public square discussion when you discover your religious zeal and cosmology on global warming?

That's interesting. I'd read that book.

Mpeterson said...

Gosh Kev, if you don't want to save a few bucks insulating your house, fine. You don't have to freak out.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

So this is the academic scorecard on speech in the public square...

Global warming religion---Good

Christaianity/ID Design---bad

Wouldn't it have been easier to put out a press release discriminating against the faith of the majority of America?

Mpeterson said...

More accurately:

Global warming -- scientific evidence.

Creationism/ID -- no scientific evidence.

But your way gets at it, too.

To discriminate means to make a judgment distinguishing one thing from another on the basis of essential characteristics inherent to that thing. Science and faith (at least as you seem to understand 'faith') are essentially different for the purposes of understanding both the universe and for the purposes of constitutional law.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


We've previously got down to, on the global warming "science", comes down to whether one "believes" (or has "faith") NASA has the data and the science correct.

Shall I enumerate all the things NASA has screwed up and got wrong over the years?

Your "faith" in NASA getting this global warming thing right is nothing short of religion. The historical data points to NASA being "wrong" a good chunk of the time.

Its not good science to believe in an organization that constantly gets things wrong.

Mpeterson said...

No Kevin, only you keep coming back to the question of belief because, without it, your argument doesn't work.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


And you have "solved" that question?

How does one truly know this global warming "science" is not NASA's next Apollo I disaster?

Besides, NASA itself was not born out of science. It was born out of the religion of the cold war. USA needed to be #1 in space. That belief had no "scientific" basis.

National Parks were also born out of the spiritual/religious context.

Are you trying to tell me you can find science in an organization born from religion?

If so, maybe you should be less excited to stomp on speech from religious organizations in the public square, they may have science to share.

Mpeterson said...

More poop Kev. We weren't worried about the 'religion' of communism as much as we were worried about the science of Sputnik. We didn't beat the Soviets with the "scientific worldview" fundamentalist Christianity either.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

So Christianity had absolutely nothing to do with defeating the "godless communists"?

So there was a scientific and economic basis to oppose communism (or the evil of the Stalinist state if we are saying the Soviet Union was not true socialist theory in practice) during the cold war? (In other words, a scientific basis to support free markets and capitalism during the cold war.)

I do enjoy my arguments being called "poop" when we get down to the point in the process of analyzing the global warming cosmology, where the "faith" indicates fervent religious belief.

The "P" word indicates we've stumbled upon your threshold "faith event" supporting your religious belief in global warming. The spot where "faith" is required to make the religion work.

I look forward to you oppressing this religion as much as you do Christianity. A "liberal fairness" in excising both the global warming religion and Christianity from the public square.

So are we against religious speech oppression in the public square yet?

Mpeterson said...

Grin. Sorry not to be clearer.

"Poop" actually indicates incredulity, in this case it means I don't believe you believe what you're writing.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Is it acceptable that I'm incredulous about your incredulity?

Its just impossible to take the "science" of a government agency, who has screwed so many things up in the past, desperate for funding, seriously....

I don't have the evangelical NASA "faith" you do. But I am incredulous at what the advocacy of the NASA global warming faith means for my life. Meaning you want me to beleive as you do and organize my life according to your religion.

That's where I got the issue.

Burrrrrrrrr! Its still cold outside.

Kudo shout out to Glenn for taking on the religious warming zealots!

Mpeterson said...

Funny. Yes, I'd be incredulous over your incredulity concerning my incredulousness.