31 January 2010

Glenn Grothman: absolutely right to run for Senate.

Let me be among the first:

Senator Grothman: please, please, please, run against Senator Feingold.


From the local paper:

Speculation on a possible challenger for U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold has conservatives casting an eye toward state Sen. Glenn Grothman, a West Bend Republican.

Elections will be held on Nov. 2 for 36 of the 100 seats in the U.S. Senate.

“Lots of people have asked me about whether I’d run for his seat,” Grothman said.

29 January 2010

Glenn Grothman: wrong for dissembling on Global Warming.

Apparently Glenn was back on the caffeine this week.

At 'public' hearing on energy, the public is relegated to sit in the back of the bus

Never happened. And as the hours dragged on -- and on -- and on -- without a single member of a citizen group or individual citizen called to testify, it sometimes became theater of the absurd, as State Sen. Glenn Grothman and State Rep. Jim Ott put on a show to challenge whether global warming was really happening. If you could keep a sense of humor, what John LaForge of Nukewatch called a Flat Earth Society meeting was kind of amusing -- for awhile.

"The reason to fight global warming is to make it colder," Ott, a former TV weatherman said. "How much colder would you like it to be?" It was, indeed, cold outside, not that it had any relevance.

Grothman, meanwhile, declaring that the last two years had been colder in Wisconsin, asked witnesses how many years in a row it would have to get cooler before they gave up this silly global warming idea.

A representative of the Union of Concerned Scientists said the last decade was the warmest on record, and explained that climate change is measured in periods of 20 to 30 years, while weather -- which is measured by TV weathermen --- is measured pretty much all the time.

And Glenn isn't embarrassed to say this stuff out loud. How is it 80% of the Republican Party in Washington County thought Glenn would be an improvement over Mary Panzer?

Glenn Grothman: wrong for promoting sexual ignorance and bias against homosexuals.

Oh good grief.

Senate Education Comm. Republicans promote ignorance in Healthy Youth Act amendments

The Healthy Youth Act is on track for passage by the state Senate, thankfully without amendments offered by Sen. Glenn Grothman and his Republican cronies. Grothman has so many bad ideas an entire blog is devoted to following them.

The most offensive of Grothman’s amendments would allow a school to use instructional methods and materials that promote bias against pupils based on sexual orientation. If being a gay teenager was not difficult enough, Grothman wants to institutionalize discrimination in the classroom. Not only against gay students, but sexually active students as well. The benefits of abstinence are required teaching under the Healthy Youth Act but Grothman appears to prefer sexually active students branded with a modern-day scarlet letter.

11 January 2010

10 January 2010

Glenn Grothman: helping to disrupt a Senator's listening sessions?

Are Jim Ott and Glenn Grothman helping to disrupt listening sessions?

More typical and effective teabagging, sounds like

If people are allowed to listen, democracy actually works.
When people aren't allowed to listen, you get something else.

Russ Feingold’s January 2010 Listening Session

Thanks Clyde.