31 March 2009

Glenn Grothman: cutting taxes for the rich is an attack on the middle class.

Hi everyone,

Yeah, Glenn put out another press release last week about the way the university poses a threat to the middle class which is odd, considering he's one of the people at fault for the need for increased tuition at Madison.

Sam Clegg's reflections in the Badger Herald.

Herald Blogs: Muckrakers - Thoughts on Martin’s Initiative?

Simply put, financially rich does not - nor has it ever - implied intellectually superior. But how does one articulate to concerned students that differential tuition does not signal a Marxist war on wealth? Certainly, the opposition will always have its class acts, such as State Senator Glenn Grothman, who argued in a press release that the tuition hike was largely “an assault on two-parent families with traditional values.” Against such lamentable cases of deliberate absurdity, little effort can or should be invested.

I used to think the absurdities were deliberate. Now I think they're simply innate -- plus that's what the evidence suggests.


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