25 March 2009

Glenn Grothman: money first, safety second.

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On the 10th anniversary of a crash of a van outside Janesville that killed seven people, Glenn is gearing up for his fight over the budget by going to bat against the safety of young people.

State Senate passes new rules for traveling sales crews

The sales crew bill would require anyone who employs door-to-door teams of two or more who travel together and who stay overnight away from their homes to register with the state Department of Workforce Development, pay a fee and comply with new rules. Those who hire door-to-door crews must also clear criminal background checks.

It cleared the Senate on a 27-6 vote and passed the Assembly 68-30.

Sen. Jon Erpenbach (D-Waunakee) had pushed the bill for years but found it blocked by Republican leaders in the past. Democrats now control both houses of the Legislature.

"There are crews who prey on our kids - especially troubled kids," who end up forced into "cult-like situations," Erpenbach said.

But Republican Sen. Glenn Grothman of West Bend said the Legislature was "overreacting to a horrible tragedy." He said some college students have earned up to $15,000 in a summer working long hours on door-to-door sales crews.

Phil Ellenbecker, 60, of Verona was on hand for the votes. His 18-year-old daughter, Malinda Turvey, had worked on a magazine sales crew for two days when she was killed in the March 25, 1999, van crash on I-90. The accident occurred as Milton police tried to stop the vehicle.

"I'm overjoyed with this," Ellenbecker said.

It's a good thing university was so much cheaper when Senator Grothman went to school.


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