24 March 2009

Glenn Grothman: recognized for his contribution to global warming.

Hi everyone,

This one slipped by the Google alerts for a while, so I missed it, but it turns out that Glenn, too, has been acknowledged for his belief in the Flat Earth theory.

From: Americans for Prosperity Applauds Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman

Americans for Prosperity Applauds Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman

Contact: Mark Block (414) 475-2975 or Phil Kerpen (202) 349-5880

Americans for Prosperity Applauds Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman

-Signs No Climate Tax Pledge-

MILWAUKEE-The Wisconsin chapter of the free-market grassroots group Americans for Prosperity (AFP-WI) today applauded Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman (20th Senate District) for signing the group’s “No Climate Tax Pledge.” By doing so, Grothman pledges to “oppose legislation relating to climate change that includes a net increase in state or local government revenue.”

“The one thing elected officials should be able to agree on is that global warming shouldn’t be used as an excuse to hike taxes on citizens and businesses,” said AFP-WI State Director Mark Block. “We encourage all of Wisconsin’s elected officials and candidates for elected office to sign the pledge.”

State Sen. Grothman joins other Wisconsin officials State Reps. Leah Vukmir (14th), Jim Ott (23rd), Bill Kramer (97th), and Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker as signers of the pledge.

Grass roots? Yeah, like JP Morgan's croquet set used grass roots for his tea parties. That's how they've been using us.

What's staggering to me is that after nearly 30 years of free market ideologues like Glenn and this wrecking crew of pirates pillaging our national and state treasuries by privatizing public services, and trying to stay afloat in the Krakatoa tsunami their greed has created, these crack-addict socialism-for-corporations-capitalism-for-everyone-else grifters are still selling the con.

Does this mean that Glenn too is asleep? Or simply that he's good at rocking our cradle?

First garter snakes, now global warming.



MilwaukeeMAN said...

Your Blog is very interesting & actually quite effective. Can I have your email address so we can be in touch?

Mpeterson said...

Thank you, but I'm not sure it's that effective. It doesn't seem to have had the least impact on the Senator's local popularity -- although everyone in North America who works with snakes knows who he is. :)

If you'd like, you can post your email address for me here -- I won't put it through to the blog to keep your privacy, and I'll be happy to reply.