27 March 2009

Glenn Grothman: Dazed and Confused, Nothing New.

Hi everyone,

The more often Glenn speaks, the easier it is to see him.

Paul Soglin: Waxing America:
Grothman Beaned In Spring Training: Dazed and Confused, Nothing New.

What continues to astonish me is that Glenn votes, repeatedly, against the interests of his own constituents here in Washington County -- home to one of the UW Campuses (actually operating in the black) that offers the lowest tuition of any of our sister institutions.

The university is the pathway, these days especially, to more secure employment opportunities -- but Glenn keeps slicing away at us, and then blames the university for "punishing" the middle class. Nice technique.

Glenn forgets that he hasn't been "middle class" in any meaningful sense since he passed the bar exam.


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