17 March 2009

Glenn Grothman: please sign on to return independence to the DNR.

Wow, this is where this blog really took off: Glenn and the DNR.

Herpetologists from all over the US started emailing me to ask who this lunatic was.

However, it looks like Governor Doyle is balking at returning the appointment of the secretary of the Department of Natural Resources to the Natural Resources Board.

Why he would hesitate, I cannot imagine. He shouldn't.

It was a bad move when Gov. Thompson took control of that appointment -- although it got hurrahs from the Republicans who were tired of DNR interference in their patrons profit margins. None of them liked being told that preserving Wisconsin's ecosystem had to be taken into account when there was money to be made.

Anyway, the President of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation asked Glenn to sign on to the task of taking the politics out of appointing the DNR secretary.

Community Conversations: Let citizens' board name DNR head

For what it's worth, Lil Piping is right on the money here.


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