27 May 2011

Glenn Grothman: Not intended to be a "factual Senator"Take on Defunding Planned Parenthood Wisconsin | SBA-List

The Anti-Choice interpretation of Glenn's work to defund Planned Parenthood.

Pro-Life State Sen. Glenn Grothman's Take on Defunding Planned Parenthood Wisconsin | SBA-List

an example:

Finally, the Wisconsin Legislature is taking action to roll back Planned Parenthood’s funding—just as Sen. Grothman suggested. To be certain, Planned Parenthood and its allies aren’t taking the news lying down. They still purport the distorted tale that Planned Parenthood Wisconsin (PPWI) is a healthcare provider. This is despite the fact that PPWI is the largest abortion provider in the state, doesn’t provide mammograms, and often covers up “purported statutory rape.

Again, ironically, limiting access to good advice on planning pregnancies has the effect of producing more unplanned pregnancies. Maybe this is a kind of weird surrogacy for the Senator?

Or maybe Glenn's rationale for defunding Planned Parenthood isn't intended to be a factual statement.

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