02 May 2011

Recall Glenn Grothman: Glenn dodges recall.

Recall Glenn Grothman, State Senator, Wisconsin District 20 (5)

The press release.

The Grothman recall effort collected over 15,000 signatures from people unhappy with his representation, building a strong foundation for future campaigns.

According to campaign staff, many signers were upset with Grothman's support of the proposal to strip public workers of their collective bargaining rights. Others were angry about his proposal to drastically reduce support for public education. Still others opposed his derogatory views about women. All thought Grothman should not support balancing the state budget on the backs of the elderly, the poor and the middle class in favor of tax breaks for the rich.

"While we did not get the magic number we needed, we know that many of the Senator's constituents believe he does not represent their interests," said Waring Fincke, a West Bend lawyer who helped organize the campaign.

"We are really proud of the thousand plus volunteers who contributed to the effort," said Richard Schwalb who led the effort in Ozaukee County.

"There are thousands of people in our communities on record for a change and eager to work towards finding solutions for problems based on facts, not ideologies," said Tanya Lohr, a West Bend teacher who led the effort in Washington County.

All the organizers are happy with the effort and the foundation they built for future work. "Hopefully, more moderate leadership will come to Madison as a result of the statewide recall efforts," Fincke concluded.

So, while Glenn's seat is safe for now, whoever runs against him now has 15,000 volunteers coming out of the box.


Kevin Scheunemann said...

A recall of Grothman would have been an increadible waste of time and money anyway. I predicted a 10% chance of success at this effort. I was probably a little generous in that prediction.

There is a large supermajority of voters in this Senate District that rejects the oppressive progressive agenda of tax increases. Glenn represents the conservative agenda of this district well!

Great job Glenn!

Although, the fact that, allegedly, 15,000 people signed a recall petition that literally screamed, "YES! Bend me over and raise my taxes" is interesting. Will these 15,000 recall signers be sending an extra check into the State of WI, voluntarily, to cover the state's deficit?

That's the part I will find interesting. My guess is: ZERO recall signers will do that.

Those that signed the failed Grothman recall petition should walk their talk. Don't wait for taxes to be raised to do it, send extra money in now, voluntarily.

larry_2750 said...

As disappointed as I am, the brite side to this is he still needs his peppermint flavord shoes. He'll keep putting his foot in his mouth.

Anonymous said...

As disappointed as I am, the brite side to this is knowing Glenn will need his peppermint flavord shoes. He'll still be putting his foot in his mouth. Larry T.

Anonymous said...


Are all available.

Just thought I’d point that out….